farmers friend no tin

We are all concerned about this beautiful planet of ours. So much plastic in our oceans. So much pollution in our air. So many things we buy end up in landfill within 6 months. It is obvious that it takes a team effort to sort the problem (on a planetary scale). So Feisty Ferdy Organics is committed to reducing the amount of waste we are responsible for.

Hence, we minimise our product packaging – who needs a jar nestled in plastic, in a box, surrounded by more plastic? We also use 100% recyclable and reusable containers – glass and aluminium are our preferred options, except in the shower, where BPA-free plastic is needed for safety.

Now, we have another way to reduce waste for those people who are addicted to our extremely popular, ultra-nourishing, Farmer’s Friend Hand Balm Bar. Already have a tin? Don’t want another one? Well, NOW you can buy a Farmer’s Friend Hand Balm Bar WITHOUT the tin and SAVE MONEY as well! Buy a Farmer’s Friend Hand Balm Bar sans tin and get $1.50 off the retail price!



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