Recycled bubble wrap

Recently, one of our customers asked us about the amount of plastic packaging that we use in shipping our products. We were so happy that they asked the question! Asking that question means that they are keeping an eye on the use of plastics in the retail sector, and the more people that are aware of the amount of plastic that is used by retail, the better! Consumers have enormous power to change the waste we create simply by choosing not to buy something that is wrapped unnecessarily in plastic (think shrink-wrapped bananas, for example).

At Feisty Ferdy, we really, really dislike waste. We strongly subscribe to the mantra of REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. Hence, all our product packaging is as ecologically-friendly as possible without compromising the quality of our beautiful products. We avoid plastics if possible and use BPA-free plastic if it is not. 

As for the packaging we ship our goodies in – we do need to protect your Feisty Ferdy goodies from harm during travel. But don’t expect them to come in a fancy cardboard box with our logo on it. And there won’t be any brand-new recycled paper wrapping, or new biofill, or packing peanuts, or air-filled pillows. 

Instead, your Feisty Ferdy goodies will come lovingly wrapped in reused and repurposed packaging – the same packaging in which we receive our raw materials from our suppliers.

We would love it if you can reuse this packaging yourself, but if you can’t, don’t forget that you can recycle it all!

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