It’s been a very exciting 6 months getting ready to launch Feisty Ferdy Organics. Logos, labels, packaging, websites, product testing and more product testing. A year ago, I would have never thought that I would have to learn how to use graphic design programs, think about overseas tax law or use algebra again. It has been an immensely creative and incredibly busy period in my life and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I am really grateful to have had this experience. Life continues to surprise me.

Finally, we are ready! Feisty Ferdy is starting small – we have  four products to start with – a beautiful gardener’s balm, Farmer’s Friend, and 3 yummy lips balms – one natural, NUE, and two tinted, COURAGE and JOY.

Thank you to all my Feisty Ferdy product testers and brand advisers – your feedback and support has been invaluable and much-needed. Thank you also to my beautiful cheerleaders – your encouragement and belief has added oxygen to a fire that could easily have been extinguished – in a world where there is so much STUFF, so much hype, you can easily start to question the value of your own contribution.

This is a pic of some of the beekeepers checking on the health of their hives. Raw organic beeswax is a very important component of our products. It provides structure for our balms and gives them a wonderful aroma, as well as imparting upon them some of its anti-bacterial and water-resistant properties.

One thought on “READY TO LAUNCH

  • CANADA chiming in on FEISTY FERDY’s great products. Here in Calgary Alberta at over 3400 feet in elevation, sub zero temperatures, and very low humidity skin chapping and cracking is a very common inconvenience. I have recently had personal experience with this inconvenience ie: cracked and bleeding skin caused by the described extreme conditions. Applying FARMERS FRIEND balm to the cracked and bleeding areas relieved the pain and bleeding over night. Skin was soft and pliable in an almost MEDICINAL way within 12 hours. Now I’m a believer in this miraculous product I use it every second day and the result has been “no more split chapped skin”. Do your self a favor and try this product, can’t say enough about it!!!

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