NEW Body cream COMING next week

200g tins of luna cream

Have you had problems with finding a decent body cream?

My sister and I have! My skin is dry and my sister’s is dry and super-sensitive. Much of the body cream on the market is full of petrochemicals and other nasties. They also contain scary preservatives, some of which break down into carcinogenic compounds. Many creams have artificial, in-your-face fragrances. And they seem to do nothing once you put them on – they coat, but don’t absorb, or they absorb and disappear completely, leaving your skin right back where it started from!

I know what I need from a body cream.

I need a cream that hydrates and conditions my skin. It needs to absorb into my skin and at the same time creates a protective layer to lock-in precious moisture. I want it to smell warm and happy, but I don’t want the scent to be overwhelming. I want it to make my skin feel comfortable for a whole day.

So when I decided to make a body cream for those people who really need a good body cream,  I set out to make the body cream that ticks all my boxes!

Only ingredients that are deemed acceptable for organic preparations under ACO standards are used – certified organic ingredients where available. The cream is based on two rich carrier oils – avocado and peach kernel- to nourish the skin. It has added shea butter for additional moisturising. It also has special organic extracts for skin conditioning, and more organic extracts for hydration. And I only stopped tweaking the formulation when it was given the thumbs up by my harshest critic – my sister, The Ferdy. She KNOWS her creams! 

Drumroll… Luna Cream!

Luna Cream is my newest creation and it will make you glow! It’s a luxurious cream designed to pamper your beautiful body and will be launched next week!

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