For those of us who shop online, one of our biggest bugbears are the shipping costs. Postage is expensive in Australia, and for small businesses like Feisty Ferdy, it is impossible for us to absorb the costs. We try to help our lovely and loyal supporters by giving free postage for those who live locally and those who order over $100, but in general, we have to pass on the cost of shipping. What do we want? Cheap shipping! And now we have it! Feisty Ferdy has teamed up with Sendle, who not only do a great job sending our stuff, reliably and quickly, all over the country, but also do it less expensively than anyone else. We also love that they acknowledge that their business has negative impacts upon the planet and that they are prepared to do something about it. All the carbon emissions from every parcel that is picked up and delivered by Sendle are offset by their support of a variety of projects which improve our world on a local level. Projects that support natural forests and improve the way people cook food, not only reduces carbon emissions, but improves the overall health of plants, animals and people. For more info follow this link.

At the moment, Sendle doesn’t ship internationally from the beautiful Sunny Coast, but they assure me that an international service is coming………

So when you are stocking up on your Feisty Ferdy skincare, I urge you to choose Sendle when you get to the shipping page – its cheaper both for you and the planet!


  1. Fantastic! I certainly will be using Sendie to buy my favourite skincare products, this is the best skin rejuvenating skincare in the world. it is safe for young and mature skin. Thank you Festy Ferdy! ??

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