feisty ferdy at kunara garden centre

Another exciting day today! Now you can source Feisty Ferdy M.L.B.B. Luscious Lip Balms and Farmer’s Friend Nourishing Hand Balm Bar at two new locations. Kunara Organic Marketplace is a Mecca for all things organic. There is a butcher, a produce market, a clothing store, a gluten free café and a garden centre. I love it there! It’s just off the Bruce Highway at Forest Glen. You can find Feisty Ferdy products in the garden centre adjoining the café. Check them out at http://www.kunara.com.au/garden/.

Grub Organics is my local organic shop at Pacific Paradise. I practically live there. Nikki and her team – Vanessa, Dan and Tarnea – are passionate about supporting their local community with good food, great advice and good vibes. Hence, the shop is full of local organic and chemical free produce, and everything you need to help make your life cleaner, healthier and happier. They are a super bunch of genuine people. Visit them at https://www.gruborganics.com.au

When I first moved to the Sunshine Coast, I went looking for places where I could buy organic, chemical free produce and groceries, and natural skin and haircare. I visited all the markets, all the organic shops, all the small produce stores. And I quickly realised how lucky the Sunshine Coast is. We are blessed with a multitude of shops which care for the community and promote local producers. There are a whole bunch of stores that sell organic and chemical free produce. And the farmers’ markets – well we are spoiled for choice there. Of course, I have my favourites. I value those businesses who are uncompromising when it comes to quality. (Read about Feisty Ferdy values HERE.) Hence, I think Kawana and Noosa Farmers’ Markets are by far the best, and I love Kunara, Grub Organics and Belmondos. I feel privileged that they are carrying Feisty Ferdy. Read about our other stockists HERE

For a complete list of our stockists, click HERE



  • Great products! Finally found something safe andnatural that works!!! I lOVE Farmer’s Friend on my cracked heal. Rub a little at bedtime, cover with band-aid – presto next morning it’s all healed! 🙂
    Applying on painful split finger close to nail tonight. I also rub on knees and elbows to keep them soft. Noticed that if I apply immediately after drying hands this keeps them from drying out too.

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