Vancouver Island

Feisty Ferdy Canada officially opens its ‘doors’ TODAY! Never in a thousand years would I have  imagined that I would be selling my skincare overseas, let alone on the other side of the world! It is very exciting and not a little daunting.

So, you lucky Canadians, Feisty Ferdy is operating out of  beautiful Vancouver Island. You can check them out at www.FeistyFerdy.ca. For their Grand Opening, Feisty Ferdy Canada has a bunch of special offers – from free gifts to shipping deals! There’s also a host of clever Christmas gift boxes, designed to make your Christmas EASY and STRESS-FREE!!

Our intention at Feisty Ferdy is to make effective products which care for people’s skin, as well as this beautiful planet we live on. This is reflected in the ingredients we use. None of our products contain petrochemicals or other nasty chemicals, and we use certified organic ingredients as available. Our packaging is recyclable and minimalistic. We avoid using plastics if possible. Instead, our amber and cobalt glass bottles protect the active ingredients inside from UV damage. They are pretty too!

I am honoured to be in Canada and I am sending love from our Sunshine Coast to yours. I truly hope you all love my organic, nut-free skincare!

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