Cleansing Oil – Combating the myths

If the idea of cleansing your skin with oil freaks you out, you are not alone. 

Many people are worried that it will cause breakouts, clog pores and make their skin feel greasy. However, in general, this simply isn’t true!

In fact, a lot of skin cleansers – especially the ones that foam, or make your skin feel squeaky clean – can contribute to breakouts and dryness. 

Our skin has something called the “Acid Mantle”  which is its own natural barrier which protects us from bacteria, dryness and irritation. When you use harsh, foaming cleansers you are stripping the acid mantle from your skin. This makes the skin go into overdrive, which means it will likely produce more and more oil. Stripping away that protective layer reduces the skin’s ability to hold in moisture, which increases dryness. Loss of the acid mantle can also lead to bacteria getting a toehold in our skin, causing breakouts.

Oil cleansing is a way of deep cleansing your skin without stripping it of its protective acid mantle. It works by “like attracting like”.  Oil attracts oil, so it is perfect for removing dirt, grime, pollution, makeup, and sunscreen. It binds to all of these clogging substances and more, so it’s easy to remove.

Feisty Ferdy’s Gentle Cleansing Oil is designed for all skin types, but is especially  good for dry, mature and sensitive skin types.

Its special oil blend gently removes all impurities, and easily banishes zinc-based sunblock, waterproof foundation and mascara, which so often defy makeup removers. Our gentle cleansing oil also nourishes the skin, whilst helping to balance the skin’s pH.

How do we use it?  Step 1: Massage 1 to 2 pumps of Gentle Cleansing Oil into dry or damp skin.  Gently massaging your skin after applying the oil softens hardened plugs of sebum lodged in pores to make them easier to remove and helps with congested pores to keep skin clear. It also improves the circulation to the skin which makes it appear more plump and radiant – it’s like giving yourself a mini-facial!

Step 2: Wet a soft washcloth with warm water, and lightly rub on your face to remove the oil. Your skin will feel soft and hydrated and not tight and irritated.

Step 3: Follow it with a good moisturiser – Double Double Face Cream is perfect!

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