It’s only 4 SHORT WEEKS to Christmas!!!! Never has a year passed so slowly and yet so quickly.

2020 has been an exceedingly unusual year. So many things have been completely out of our power to control, and it has been overwhelming and frustrating at the very least. We’ve had toilet paper shortages, we’ve been laid off work, and we’ve had restrictions on leaving home. We’ve lost our holiday trips, as well as the deposits we’d already paid. We’ve been unable to return home, or been locked in windowless hotel room for 2 weeks. We’ve missed birthdays and weddings and funerals. We’ve been unable to see our family; been unable to plan for the future. And we’ve lost loved ones. More than usual. The sheer uncertainty continues.

Yet, in a year that has been so isolating for many of us, we’ve also seen some powerful expressions of love and togetherness. People have been supporting each other in the best way they can. It has been humbling to witness.

So, in 2020, Feisty Ferdy is also doing things differently. For Christmas, we are giving  you the power of choice. Instead of our usual range of Christmas gift boxes, we are giving you a blank slate…or empty box…to fill.

How does it work? You choose 3 or more items that you would like in a gift box and we will gift wrap them for you AND give you 20% off as well! Simple!

Let us know in the instruction box if there is more than one gift in your order, and what’s in each gift, so we can wrap them up for you! We had a coupon code of POWER2020 – but now it’s automatic! EASY!

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